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Rev. Dr. Bryan Eckelmann | 04/09/2017
Series: Palm Sunday | Psalms 122







Life Group Questions



Do you have (or have you ever had) a particular summer activity location, family member’s home, or vacation spot that you look forward to visiting each year? Share

what it is that makes that place special and why you look forward being there.


1. In David’s day, faithful Jews travelled to the Temple in Jerusalem for annual religious celebrations, like Passover. Why do you think they would sing songs like this one their way there?
2. What do we learn about Jerusalem and why the “tribes” are going there?

3. What is the theme of the traveler’s concluding prayer (vs. 6-9)? Why do you think this would be their prayer for Jerusalem?
4. Read about Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday in Matthew 21:1- 11. How does reading Psalm 122 impact your reading of Matthew 21, particularly in light of what Jesus came to Jerusalem to do?


1. Many Old Testament Jews travelled a long way singing songs to prepare for Passover. As your group transitions into Holy Week, how can you prepare together for the most important time in the Christian calendar?
2. Do you ever recognize God’s presence at other transition times? Talk together about how you acknowledge Him amid your journey.
3. How do you celebrate Easter? Does your celebration recognize what God has accomplished for us? If so, share. If not, talk together about how your Life Group can

intentionally celebrate the miracle of Christ’s resurrection this Easter!


NorthEast of the Well - Lord God, we thank You for NorthEast of the Well and the servants who step into the gap for others. We are grateful for this worshipping community that meets people where they are and points them to You. May we see more lives transformed as men, women, and children find wholeness in You and grow through the study of the scriptures. www.northeastofthewell.org.

Bethlehem Bible College – We pray for our ministry partner, Bethlehem Bible College, as they support and equip Christian leaders through higher education. Lord Jesus, we ask that You bless this inter-denominational college as they prepare their students to be Christian servant-leaders in an unpredictable and all-too-often violent context. www.bethbc.org. 

Rev. Dr. Bryan Eckelmann | 04/09/2017
Series: Palm Sunday | Psalms 122



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