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Sanctuary Renovation | Week 10

October 9, 2017 2 Comments Share

Sanctuary-Update-10.9.17_blogWe had a bit of a break in construction activity in the Sanctuary last week, but this week work will be picking back up again. Here are a couple of highlights on the refurbishment project:

  • The AV system and video screen upgrades were completed successfully! We hope you have noticed the major improvements in the quality of sound and the wide-format video screens!
  • This week, our old wooden cross will be removed and relocated to its new home at one of our partner churches in Santa Ana.
  • This week, we will also begin installation of the new tile on the chancel. We expect this work to take approximately 2 weeks to complete.

Contact the office of Bryan Eckelmann with any questions, bryane@sapres.org or 949.574.2262.

2 responses to “Sanctuary Renovation | Week 10”

  1. Carol. Blanchard says:

    Who are the people in charge of remodeling the sanctuary ? I am so disappointed in the removal of our cross. The new one hangs in the middle of wires. The old one was the place in the sanctuary that people could come to pray with elders. This was a tradition we brought back from Egypt around 2000. It was a special focus at Easter I am so sad for our congregation Also , I would like to know more about the core group. who are the members? What is their mission? Who chose them ? Thanks

  2. jim mcdonald says:

    Why was the congregation left out on the decision to redo the chancel? What church did the wooden cross go to and what was its history? What is the history of the modified cross used by St. Andrews?
    Please respond by e-mail since over eight requests for telephonic response on issues have been ignored.This e-mail is being forwarded to Jack Wiebel

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