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Sanctuary Renovation | Week 1

August 7, 2017 1 Comment Share

Sanctuary-Reno-Wk-1_blogToday we begin renovation of the Sanctuary. As I’m sure you’ve heard and seen in renderings, over the next few weeks we will be remodeling and updating the Sanctuary to address some important functional needs and bring it in line aesthetically with the look and feel of the improvements we made to the Atrium and elsewhere on campus over the last year. We will also be addressing some much-needed upgrades to the Sanctuary’s Audio/Visual (AV) system.

Construction in the Sanctuary will occur mid-week only and will, for the most part, be self-contained to the larger Sanctuary space. We will be coordinating with our project manager, Glen Allen to ensure we can continue to support weekend worship services well over the course of the project.

Here’s what to expect this week:

  • Demolition of the planter walls, planters, and fountain
  • Structural framing of new screen walls on both sides of the chancel
  • Preparation for refinishing of woodwork in the balcony

Note: Construction will be Monday – Thursday this week to accommodate a previously scheduled memorial service on Friday morning.

Contact the office of Bryan Eckelmann with any questions, bryane@sapres.org or 949.574.2262.

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  1. WHere will memorial services for Laurie Ahling Francis be held on Aug 14th?
    Thank you.

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